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Didi’s Juice Bar was founded in October of 2020. Our mission is to add value to people’s lives by serving healthy, tasty juices, and being a centre of the community.



Didi’s fresh juices are made to order and packed with goodness. We have a variety of tasty and healthy flavours that will satisfy anyone’s needs, whether it’s taste or health, or both.


If you're searching for the "best smoothies near me" look no further! Didi’s handcrafted smoothies are made with energizing and immunity-boosting superfoods. We source our ingredients from all around the world, including our special Brazilian superfoods: acai and acerola!


For something more filling, why not try our super-healthy acai bowls? Packed with nutrition, our bowls come with an acai base, gluten free granola and a range of organic superfood toppings for you to choose from.


Small in size, BIG in nutrients: give your body a shot of health with our nutrient-rich, freshly

made Wellness Shots! Our Shots are freshly made using fresh, high quality ingredients from nature and are juiced to order and loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


If you’re in rush, Didi’s Juice Bar offers bottled juices in several flavour combinations that are juiced freshly each morning.

Didi’s Juice Bar is situated in the Budgens Supermarket on Haverstock Hill, in the heart of Belsize Park. Didi’s goal has always been to serve the community by providing the freshest and healthiest products. We hand pick our ingredients so that only the best quality is delivered daily. Through our store, we’ve managed to meet thousands of customers and make countless connections. Our principles of healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, fun and friendliness are expressed through our products and exceptional customer service. 

Bring your own personality and join our team

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