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We all know this is not easy as it sounds and we wouldn’t like to push you into deep end straight away; before you start any of these programs, at least couple of days, we strongly suggest you to stop taking sugar, salt, tea, coffee, alcohol etc. to prepare your body to prevent any dizziness, headache, tummy ache and so on.

We believe that every single person has different needs in their daily life and diet. That is why we offer programs designed for your needs rather than off the shelf internet programs same for everyone else.



Our detox programs based on balanced diet while you cleanse your body. We carefully select the drinks to get the most out of benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Please talk to our staff; each program designed specially to your needs or  you can choose one of the following set programs which contains these 5 juices for one day.

Our daily juices based on:

  • Breakfast Smoothie

  • Fruity Green Smoothie

  • Juice

  • Pure Green Smoothie

  • Protein Shake


We can also personalize your own program by packs of:

  • 1x Juice

  • 2x Breakfast Smoothies
    Fruity Green Smoothies
    or £1 each

  • 2x Pure Green Smoothies
    Protein Shakes
    or £1 each

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1. beetroot avocado ginger celery cucumber apple oats.

2. broccoli spinach parsley mint pear apple


3. cucumber celery carrot apple


4. spinach parsley kale cucumber celery


5. pineapple spinach blueberry coco apple whey/hemp

reen didi.png


1. spinach parsley mint avocado apple


2. oats kiwi fennel kale spinach cucumber celery apple


3. ginger lime cucumber celery apple


4. spinach parsley kale mint avocado cucumber celery


5. beetroot cucumber celery apple whey/hemp

orange didi.png


1. avocado mint lime spinach pineapple apple oats


2. ginger kale spinach cucumber celery apple


3. beetroot cucumber celery carrot


4. broccoli spinach kale avocado cucumber celery


5. kale spinach avocado celery cucumber apple whey/hemp

blue didi.png


1. spinach kale pineapple banana apple oats


2. ginger mint pear broccoli kale carrot apple


3. beetroot apple carrot orange


4. broccoli mint parsley lime cucumber celery

5. raspberry blueberry strawberry banana apple whey/hemp

yellow didi back.png


1. lime blueberry pineapple spinach carrot oats


2. ginger lime fennel kale spinach cucumber celery apple


3. beetroot apple carrot

spirulina beetroot ginger avocado kale


4. spinach celery cucumber carrot


5. acai mango banana apple whey/hemp

red didi.png


1. seeds dates banana agave oats milk

2. mango banana spinach kale cucumber celery apple


3. ginger beetroot celery carrot



4. ginger fennel spinach broccoli cucumber celery


5.kale spinach avocado celery cucumber apple whey/hemp

purple didi.png


1. mango pineapple strawberry apple oats


2. spinach mint parsley avocado cucumber celery apple


3. ginger lime beet kiwi carrot orange


4. spirulina spinach kale broccoli lime celery cucumber


5.banana peanut butter seeds milk whey/hemp

We have diary free milk, gluten free oats and vegan protein options.

Unless requested we will use semi-skimmed milk, regular oats and whey protein.