Cleanse your body

Detox Programs

Detox your body and lose weight at the same time.

We all know this is not easy as it sounds and we wouldn’t like to push you into deep end straight away; before you start any of these programs, at least couple of days, we strongly suggest you to stop taking sugar, salt, tea, coffee, alcohol etc. to prepare your body to prevent any dizziness, headache, tummy ache and so on.

We believe that every single person has different needs in their daily life and diet. That is why we offer programs designed for your needs rather than off the shelf internet programs same for everyone else.

Please talk to our staff; each program designed specially to your needs or  you can choose one of the following set programs which contains these 5 juices for one day.

1 Day


5 x 500ml for a day; balanced for your needs which includes a pure green smoothie, juice, breakfast smoothie with lunch and dinner options.